He is always with me


The Lord has shown me that when I talk to Him, I always ask Him for something: give me this, do this, do that. And during adoration I felt the need to be in dialogue. I imagined that if there was a person next to me who kept saying: give me this, give me that, I would not last long with him.


I felt a strong protection here, a strong affirmation that God is always with me, that He is strengthening me, and that filled me with joy. And there was one other moment in the lecture that touched me, when they talked about prayer. I understood that I had not worked on my weaknesses and that I had been lazy. I felt a sense of shame and ran to confession.  I understood that things would not be the same in my life. 


Whenever I came to Medjugorje, I left everything here and went home free from everything. This time I also came with something and I am leaving it here, but now I am going away with something even greater, because the Lord has shown me that I have to work on myself, I have to cooperate with God, because He will not do everything for me.


I felt a deep peace here. For me, this is an example of how I should be. I will take this peace with me. I will try not to lose it. I am grateful for everything.


One evening I felt peace in my heart. It is a great gift to me. I can’t remember the last time I felt such peace and I can’t remember the last time I laughed. These are miracles for me. Thank you.


As for me, I was very touched by the lectures. I was especially touched by the lecture on Our Lady and Her attentiveness to others. In that moment I understood how much I still needed to grow and I liked that I should not choose who to help, but I should help everyone. I also liked the beautiful connection with God’s Word, that I am to be attentive to the Word of God.


I heard a testimony about the pilgrimage to Medjugorje. Then I saw my whole life, what I was learning, what I was looking at. I wanted to be like the one I idealized in my life. And the thoughts came to me that indifference breeds not only loneliness, but also rejection, which I still struggle with. Then I heard the words that when I feel rejected, I try to do everything I can not to feel that way, I try to do something out of my ordinary. And when I do that, I grow and feel good. I felt special and I heard these words in my soul: you’re not supposed to be bad or good or special, you’re just supposed to just be with Jesus. I was touched by the sermon about Our Lady, how to imitate Her and that She never fails. In the Bible She is important, but at the same time She is very hidden. I want to learn from Our Lady to reflect God, not to be somehow great, but to allow others to be warmed in God’s embrace, to allow that to those He sends into my arms, and into my heart. I have received so much love here. I have not felt rejected. When I was climbing Mount Krizevac, I was carrying everything that was in my heart. When I came up, I felt the greatness of God and the love of God. I understood that He was waiting for me and loved me without limits.



Participants of Prayer, Fasting and Silence seminar from Latvia.

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