I ask you to pray for my intentions

Praised be Jesus Christ! My name is Tatiana, I am 40 years old and I am raising a beautiful daughter Sofia, who is 14 years old. Through the intercession of Our Lady, my whole life has changed.

10 years ago, I visited Medjugorje for the very first time. Our Lady has always been a Heavenly Mother to me, but that evening I met her in person, in an embrace, in words of love and in a small lesson that changed my life.

Our Lady said to me: “I have been waiting so long for our meeting and I want to thank you for being here. I always pray for your intentions and I ask you to pray for mine”. These words entered my heart so deeply that from that day on I have not let the rosary out of my hand.

Back then, I was an orphan (my father was drowning in alcohol; my mother always abroad at work; my husband off in search of the adventures of this world; and my little daughter in my arms, full of hopelessness and hell that surrounded me).

Nevertheless, today I am happy because my parents are married now and live in God’s grace, in peace and love. Alcohol is no longer a part of our family, not even on holidays. My daughter is happy because she has a happy mom (me) and God is always taking care of her through various people He sends into our lives. I believe she too will have a real relationship with her dad. I believe in married life for myself and for her. But today, thanks to praying the Rosary together with Our Lady, I am no longer an orphan, but a beloved daughter of the Heavenly Father, and I have enough of everything to share with my neighbors.

Tatiana, Ukraine

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