Return to God and prayer

In the message of May, Our Lady invited us to go into nature and pray so that God may speak to our hearts. Nature is an environment in which we can more easily hear and experience God’s voice. Sadly, today we live outside this natural environment. We are immersed in screens, social networks with headphones in our ears, filled with the noise of this world. Man is sick of the noise. In silence we can more easily hear our soul and the voice of God who wants to speak to our heart.

In this message, as in many previous ones, Our Lady invites us to return to God and to prayer. Many times she has told us, „Dear children, return to God and to God’s commandments… return to prayer with the heart… return to fasting and confession… return to my Son, return to prayer and fasting… return to God… Today I call you to return to personal prayer“.

In the book of the Prophet Jeremiah we read, “If you repent, so that I restore you, in my presence you shall stand; If you bring forth the precious without the vile, you shall be my mouthpiece. Then it shall be they who turn to you, and you shall not turn to them!”

If we again return to God, if we are wise and have the strength to distinguish the precious from the worthless, then people will turn to us, but we must not turn to people.

We should never turn to men and live by people’s recognition and praises, but always remain focused on God, just as Our Lady did. She was all focused on God and filled with him.

Our Lady directs us to what is most important and precious, and that is God and the path that leads to God, and that is prayer.

If God and his presence, his power and his gifts are more important to us than anything we have: money, house, family, friends and all that we possess and strive for day and night; if God is more important and comes first, then we will have an abundance of everything and we will be able to enjoy it.

We should not allow ourselves to have time for everything else but never find time for God. That is the tragedy of our life.

Imagine that your best friend comes to your house and is with you all day long, and you don’t say a word to him, you don’t ask him how he is, you don’t say to him: come, let’s sit down and talk.

Our Lady knows best what is precious and eternal. She knows God best and without Him we are dead and there is no life in us. Let us take seriously the words of our Heavenly Mother so that we may experience the fullness of God’s blessing.

Let us pray: Our Lady, the mother of our Savior and our mother, thank you for unceasingly calling us and for always wanting to lead us anew on the path of prayer that leads us to God, who is the source of our salvation, forgiveness and life in its fullness. You yourself have experienced the abundance of God’s blessing and you want us to experience it too. Do not cease to awaken us from the spiritual indifference into which we fall because of our unsteadiness. We want to give you our hands and our hearts so that we may walk with you steadfastly along the paths of peace and freedom that the Lord wants to give us. Amen.

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